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Northwest Arkansas

Find Your Dream Home Here with Nikki


Find Your Dream Home Here with Nikki

Nikki Scheafbauer

It's great to meet you!

How I will add to the value and ease of your relocation process to Northwest Arkansas...

1.  Plan your visit and stay at Nikki's airbnb in Downtown Bentonville as available.  Stay at the cozy condo, a minute from the square, and enjoy the culture, restaurants, trails and activities Bentonville has to offer.  

2.  Meet with Nikki at the McGraw Realtors office in Bentonville to view the properties you are interested in seeing and discuss the various unique qualities of the cities in Northwest Arkansas.

3.  Tour the cities you are interested in and Nikki will show you properties of your liking.

4.  Choose your perfect home and Nikki will guide you easily through the home buying process putting your mind at ease and making your dream home a reality.  

5.  Nikki will recommend moving companies that will fit your every need.